Virat Kohli thinks something like this after Team India loses

Auckland: Virat Kohli, the captain of the India cricket team has said that as a captain his focus is on taking the team forward and during this time he does not think much about the result because the assessment of leadership ability of any person always results. It does not happen on the basis. The India team is currently on a tour to New Zealand, where it is starting its long tour with a five-match T20 series. The T20 series will begin on Friday at the Eden Park ground.

At the press conference before the match, Kohli said, “I have always focused on one thing that I can do for the team. The result is not important to me. I want to take the team forward because I believe Is that results can never be the sole basis for assessing one’s leadership ability. ”

Kohli has been criticized for not being able to win a single ICC event for India since becoming captain. In response to this, Kohli said this. 31-year-old Kohli believes that whenever a team beats a team, the losing team should take responsibility for the defeat together and try to improve their game for the future.

Kohli said, “If a team defeats you, then together you should take responsibility for the loss and try to improve. It should not be considered as a failure of leadership alone and only.”

Under the captaincy of Kohli, India has to play in the T20 World Cup this year. India lost to New Zealand in the semi-finals in the ICC 50-over World Cup held last year. On the other hand, Williamson, who is playing for the team for the first time since the summer last year, said he was happy that he was There are captains of players, who are constantly trying to take the team forward.

Williamson said, “Like Kohli, I also consider myself fortunate to be constantly striving to take the team forward with me. Not only I try to lead the team. There are many other players besides me who Want to play an important role in the team’s victory and give necessary advice when it is time. So for me, leadership is a collective approach. ”

India vs New Zealand: T-20 series to start from January 24

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