Siddharth commented harshly on Asim’s father and brother

Mumbai. Biggboss13 is very close to the Finale. In this case, the game of all contests is coming out. Siddharth Shukla (Siddharth Shukla) is seen trying to make the most headlines in the house. He is seen at home confronting Shahnaz Gill and now Asim Riaz. At the same time, his fight with Asim has reached a different level. However, it has been seen many times that Siddhartha becomes more aggressive in the fight. Recently, a video has surfaced of the fight between these two, in which Siddharth is seen speaking profanity to Asim’s father and elder brother.

After watching this video, there is tremendous anger among people. Everyone is seen condemning Siddharth’s behavior. Along with this, everyone has asked Salman Khan to raise this matter in Weekend War. In this video, Siddharth is seen saying that ‘your father’s first mistake is your elder brother and you’. However, in response to this, Asim did not make any such ugly comments. Watch the video here

Along with this, trending hashtags like #StopBullyingAsim #BiasedBiggBoss #JusticeForAism is seen trending on Twitter. At the same time, the thing to be seen will be whether Salman Khan will meet this demand rising on social media in the weekend waar or not.

Please tell me that a fight took place during the task of Asim Riyaz and Siddharth Shukla. The fight escalated to such an extent that it ended at the persuasion of the makers. Biggboss13 called him in the confession room. During this, Asim started to understand and go from there, but Siddharth said that he is ready to leave the show instead of killing Asim. Where on one side Bigg Boss was seen explaining Siddharth with love. On the other hand, Asim was standing there, then Big Boss appeared in a stern voice asking Asim to leave from there. Questions were also raised on such treatment with Asim.

Siddharth Shukla compares his attachment with cigarette Shahnaz Gill

Siddharth Shukla has now made his point clear about Shahnaz. In the last episode, the conversation between the two was seen in which Siddharth has clarified about Shahnaz what his attitude towards Shahnaz is going to be in the coming days and how much he sees Shahnaz in his life.

Siddharth Shukla while talking to Shahnaz said, “I am connected with you, but my association with you is different. You are like a cigarette to me, I know how cigarettes are ruining me, but I am not able to leave it. I agree that taking a puff of cigarette will cause me problems. But I will leave it after some time. In the same way today we are here, talking or not talking. I promise you do not have any problems. This is the truth, accept it.

Shahnaz feels that he is speaking like this keeping the game in mind. Siddharth refuses but Shehnaz says that she knows that she is sensitive to the people she cares about. Shehnaz says that if she cannot talk to them, then she herself has problems.

Siddhartha tells him to write that “I will never hate you in life but I will not keep in touch with you.” we are very different.”

Biggboss13 – Shahnaz Gill came out on a scuffle with Siddharth Shukla

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