How to get CBSE 10th and 12th exams number of internal assessments

New Delhi: CBSE takes only 80 number of examinations in each subject in the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) 10th class examination. The remaining 20 numbers are given as ‘internal assessment’, in each subject, by the student’s school. We will tell you how these are given. Know here that internal assessment is done in only three subjects of class 12th. CBSE takes the entire 100 number examination in all the remaining subjects.

Why need internal assessment

Dr. Jyoti Gupta, a member of the Governing Body of CBSE and Principal of Delhi Public School Ghaziabad, told ABP News that due to dependence on the examination taken at the end of the year, the student is not assessed properly. Therefore, the performance of the student throughout the year is also taken into consideration. Therefore, CBSE has instructed all schools to make an internal assessment of each student and show how it is performing throughout the year. The pattern of internal assessment has also been set by CBSE.

Internal assessment pattern

Periodic written tests are taken throughout the year for internal assessment. This may include unit test, half-yearly examination or pre-board examination. But most of the schools adopt a pattern and take their average number and then change it to 10. As an example, four tests of a single subject were taken in a year and the average of the scores of all the four tests of a student The number (in hundred) is seventy. So after converting it to ten marks, it will be said that the student has got 7 numbers in 10 of the written examination in that subject in internal assessment. Apart from this, there are 5 numbers on ‘Subject Enrichment Activity’ and 5 numbers are ‘Copy Maintenance and Portfolio’. In this way, a total of 20 marks of internal assessment is given by the school.

Schools are allowed to choose patterns

CBSE has given this exemption to schools on how to do the internal assessment. That is, schools are free to choose the test method. Some schools take the average of the year-long test, and some send the number of best of all tests to the board. Some schools take three exams a year and send their average. Other schools choose the pattern of the pre-board. The school directly uploads the internal assessment marks. Every child uploads the internal assessment marks received in different subjects directly to the CBSE portal of the school.

No bias is possible in internal assessment

On the basis of which internal marks are given, the proof of this has to be kept by the schools for six months. The board also observes how much ability there is in external assessment and internal assessment. If this ability is not seen in any child, then there is a possibility of positive or negative bias in internal assessment. In such a situation, the board can call for a response from the school. That is, in this system, teachers cannot give more or fewer marks to anyone on their own free will.

In which subject internal assessment is applicable

Internal assessment is applicable in all subjects of the 10th standard. In the 10th, students in social science and science have to make a project in which there is a viva. It has five numbers. Whereas in 12th class only internal assessment is applicable in English (ASL), Mathematics and Legal Studies. The internal assessment segment of English is called ASL i.e. Activity of Speaking and Listening. In the remaining subjects of the 12th class, instead of internal assessment, a practical examination of 20 numbers is taken by the board.

Where the internal assessment is not applicable

In Class 12, along with Science, there are 20 number of practical examinations in History, Political Science, Psychology, Accounts, Business Studies, Economics but they take CBSE which includes external examiners.

There is a difference between assessment and evaluation.

Assessment means how much the student has understood throughout the year, while the assessment of the year-end means how much the student has been able to read. Assessment for learning, evaluation of learning.

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