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Talking about the franchise Dabangg, only one thing comes in most of the people’s mind that is is the shattering records which break continuously whenever a Dabangg movie comes to hit the silver screen. Starting from very first Dabangg in 2010 it was and massive blockbuster on the silver screen. It was a treat to watch for the mass audience. Getting a bit more deeply into it we can say that it was the revival of Salman Khan’s career as he was only giving sort of flop movies at that time. This movie or we can say that this franchise came as a saviour to him and it made lots of records and shattered lots of records off box office collections as well as of highest footfalls. Similarly when part two came of this franchise it was also a massive blockbuster not as big as the first part but still, it was a great achievement for Salman Khan and for the entire franchise. We can say that it would have been a bit better as per the expectations from the very first part were quite high but it didn’t happen that much good still it was really very good if we compare it to the other films.

Now talking about the current scenario. The third part of Dabangg franchise is about to hit the silver screens this Christmas as it would be really interesting to watch that how much this movie is going to make. The trailer has created a lot of buzzes and within 24 hours it crossed almost 18 million views and 1 million likes on YouTube which is quite a big number. It justifies the buzz of the third part of this great and successful franchise now it would be really interesting to see how much box office records it would be shattering. Although the last movie of Salman Khan was not a big blockbuster it was just able to recover the budget and was settled under 200 crores. Still, people are expecting that dabangg3 would be crossing 300 crores quite easily and would be taking place in one of the all-time highest box office collection of Bollywood. What are your thoughts on it to tell us in the comment section?


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